Repair diary – Toni’s Rambo 

Job I.D. 18022601 Typ: ERS7M1 #7001502
Shipped From: THA Arrived: 2018-02-26


ERS7 White
Came well packed in bubble plastic wrap with battery, memory stick (Mind1) and one ear, no other accessories.

Will not boot – Death Tone 😦 Has broken tail and signs from previous repairs.




After two days of diagnostics and swapping parts, this Aibo needs an new ‘minor’ mother board (the mother board that runs along the back) for it to work again.



2018-03-07 – A new mother board is on the way to me. It will take a few day to arrive.


New mother board is in place, unfortunately Aibo won’t boot ups. There is still a problem  with the head. Even the head board is fried. 😦


When disconnect the head board, Aibo start booting but stop because the head board doesn’t answer.