Repair diary – Steve’s Rex – RE

Job I.D. 17112201 Typ: ERS210 #9000317
Shipped From: UK Arrived: 2017-11-29


210A Silver
Came well packed, dead battery, without memory stick. The pegs inside of one ear are missing

Will not boot, needs a new battery. Startup with another battery: Has severe PAS/TAS jitteras and DHS as suspected (someone attempted to fix but failed)  A bit dusty inside and out. On the weekend I will disassemble the head to see what to do.

Not yet weekend, but I’m curious. Head disassembling: 


DHS – what is it?
Droppy Head Syndrome.  It is usually caused by a “slip clutch” in the neck servo slipping. The clear signs of DHS are that AIBO’s head will not lift up and/or when AIBO is trying to lift his head, a whirring sound is heard. Repair is commonly carried out by “pinning” the affected clutch body. In this case we have also a problem with the potentiometer. Aibo has extrem head shaking, maybe caused by oxidation on the rotary wiper. Will be the next step to check.


Head assembling and testing:


Rex!  Where is the ball ?  


I could fix the trembling leg too. It was not so bad as suspected. There was also a sound problem, Aibo could not speak. It turned out that someone tried to feed him with chocolate. I could clean the speaker and now he can speak again. Woff Woff ! Please keep your dog away from chocolate and coffee :-))

Acupuncture for dogs ?
Aibo’s ears glued into place, with very little glue !


Rex wants to try his new card
DogsLife V.2.25e from Dogsbodynet


Doesn’t he looks nice after cleaning. I could polish out the most scratches on the Visor.

Lets try 🙂


Rex got his new cells today. I thinks that’s something that makes him happy 🙂

Running Recognition 🙂

Tested Rex on Recognition and DogsLife softwares. Works Great and ready to go home.  2017-12-22


I wish you a safe journey back home ! May it be smooth and may you enjoy your trip!