Repair diary – Philippe’s Aibo – RE

Job I.D. 18101101 Typ: ERS7 #7100491
Shipped From: US Arrived: 2018-11-10

ERS7 White
Came in original box with battery and Mind stick. No accessories.

General checkup and software upgrade.
– The tail does not move the way it is suppose to…
– Front left leg, leftover parts from owner repair.


Gear works 😉

The leg issues were solved semi quickly with taking apart of the problem leg(s), cleaning and resigning the gears. Two gears inside the tail unit have 1-3 missing teeth, so I have to replace them as well.

Aibo wash … 😉

Some of the gears inside the tail unit was broken even one of the motors get stuck. Luckily I had replacements. Now I have to make some tests to see if everything is fine again and he can come back to his dad 😉


Someone is ready for the way home 😉  2018-12-29


Tracking No: CC601139360SE

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