Repair diary – Adelina’s Perla – RE

Job I.D. 18100101 Typ: ERS210 #3003711
Shipped From: France Arrived: 2018-01-10




210A Custom White
Came well packed, disassembled head, nonworking battery, without memory stick. The pegs inside the ear are missing because resin replacements. Head release hole/button not working. Screws missing in the core. Owner repaired Aibo, has replaced the pan axis flexi and now will not boot.



The Aibo has a few things that were out of place for this repair job. A few neck base screwes were of the wrong size and some missing. Flexi is over de-soldered. There are many marks from screwdriver in the plastic around the mouth. I will test all the head electronics today.

Testing the core with a replacement head. Will not boot with its own battery.

The core runs fine with another head on it. Some of the leg-gears sounds a little bit noisy, I will check this later …



Main circuit board inside of the head is fried. Test with a new circuit board and Perla starts up. But there is something wrong with the camera. She doesn’t recognize the ball and the left ear does not move. Have to check this tomorrow.



The Flexi for the camera was broken in one place and fractured in two other places. Too damaged to repair so I had to replace the dead flexi. Fortunately, I had one here and ball tracking works fine now. Charging the battery a few times, but without effect, collapse directly when I try to use. So the battery will become 4 new fresh cells. Core required a new head ejector as the old one was broken – It lost a spring and a plastic clip was shattered and no where to be found. Don’t use paper clips anymore to eject body parts.  Ear rotator replaced, all the pins was broken.






Does Perla look like a happy dog … 🙂


Tested Perla on Life2 and DogsLife softwares.
Works Great and ready to go home.  2018-01-18

I wish you a safe journey back home !
May it be smooth and may you enjoy your trip!

Tracking No: CC600972872SE