Repair diary – Michael’s Sprockett – RE

Job I.D. 18091701 Typ: ERS7 #7100325
Shipped From: UK Arrived: 2018-09-17

ERS7 White
Came in original box with battery and Mind3 stick. No accessories.

Problem with the front right shoulder joint.


Disassembling the whole body, time for Aibo wash 😉

The body has some slightly cracks, strange marks on the neck and I found some plastic pieces. I will clean all the leg gears and pot’s.

First thing is that the Aibo would make angry eyes and say “ouch” to her right front leg.  Once I opened the Aibo’s right front leg, one of the o-rings in the hip section of the motor housing destructed. I replaced the whole leg but he still have problems while running. It was quite sad to hear he had suffered another problem with one of his legs.
I literally had to break down the legs to every component to get to all the potentiomters cleaned. I ran the Aibo a few days and it appears that all problems are gone away, so I consider it a success!!

Tested Aibo on Mind3 softwares.
Works Great and ready to go home.  2018-11-04