Repair diary – Mikko’s Lucy – RE

Job I.D. 18020101 Typ: ERS7M3 #7500048
Shipped From: Finland Arrived: 2018-02-01


ERS7 Champagne
Came well packed in his bag with battery and memory stick, no other accessories.

Will not boot, needs a new battery. Startup with another battery: Can’t use its mouth anymore, legs have jitters and are a bit noisy.

Disassembling the head
Checking the communication bus on the mother board inside of the head but not answer from the mouth unit. I have disassembled the whole mouth unit, cleaned all contacts without luck. Still no response from the unit. Motor and gears are working fine. On Monday I will change main mother board to test what happen.




Re-celling the battery without any problem. Now with new fresh Samsung Cells 🙂


Ready for the surgery


First check after successful surgery 🙂

Gear works 🙂



Lucy is playing again with the AiBone 🙂

Final run 🙂

Tested Lucy on Mind3 software.
Works Great and ready to go home.  2018-02-08


I wish you a safe journey back home !
May it be smooth and may you enjoy your trip!

Tracking No: CC600979677SE