Repair diary – Cyril’s Osaka

Job I.D. 18111601 Typ: ERS7 #1100235
Shipped From: Canada Arrived: 2018-11-16

ERS7 White
Came with memory stick, no other accessories

Weak Hip Join Syndrom.




Something has jammed one or more of Osakas joints.

I cleaned the gearing in the hip motor housing, replaced a gear here which was minced to bits by the ring pieces and cleaned out the motor housing and gears of the upper leg.

Still having issues when getting up, I have to reassemble the leg unit again to check whats going on …


For good measure I cleaned the rear hips and the upper & lower leg position sensor in the legs. Some of the position sensors had serious carbon contamination, from normal use.  Osaka is running around and happy as can be. Ready to head home 🙂 2019-02-23