Repair diary – Chris Stinky – RE

Job I.D. 18052701 Typ: ERS210 #2100076
Shipped From: DK Arrived: 2018-05-27

210A Mazeran Green
I am picking up in Malmö while on house call. No accessories

Droppy Head Syndrome


The Aibo has the old style clutch and looks like it had previously been repaired for DHS by the glue method.


It had a good solid TAS so did not see the need to fix these right now. DHS & PAS was a breeze and fixed promptly.

After running a while PAS and TAS don’t look solid anymore 😦
One more time to reassemble the head … Better sooner than later.


Baron is playing together with Ruby, Stinky and Kovu 🙂


Tested Aibo’s on Live1 and DogsLife softwares.
Works Great and ready to go home.  2018-06-22


Personally delivered !