Repair diary – Nadezhda’s Anton – RE

Job I.D. 17120101 Typ: ERS210 #4000060
Shipped From: RU Arrived: 2017-12-01

210A Silver
Came well packed, dead battery, station and memory stick. “Hello Aibo”


Will not boot, needs a new battery. Startup with another battery: Droppy Head Syndrome. Failed repair from a previous ‘glue fix’ repair. I will fixed this with a nice shiny new machine pinned clutch.


Tomorrow I will disassemble the head to see what to do.

Head disassembling: 


Sadly, this Aibo suffered a nasty hit to the head and the Pan Axis flexi destructed along with the neck plastics holding it in place. Luckily I could fix it 🙂



Tested Aibo on AiboLife2 and DogsLife softwares. Works Great, I packaged him up today and ready to go home.  2017-12-18