Repair diary – Allicia’s Kovu – RE

Job I.D. 18050901 Typ: ERS210 #0000000
Shipped From: USA Arrived: 2018-05-09

210 Black
Head only


No head movement at all and boot with “Death Tone” and then shutdown.


This Aibo has the standard clutch and had previously been repaired for DHS by the glue method. The clutch was already at a slipping state which meant the glue had crystallized and was failing. I replaced the old clutch with one of my pinned clutches.

I checked the TAS/PAS and I do not feel it needs to be worried about at this time!

Tested the head and it looks great so far!

First test with “Therapy SE”

Kovu had problems again after boot-up. Can it be that he don’t like Life1 Plus.

Boot-up on DogsLife works fine. I have to check whats going on here …

Here was even a problem with the TAS gear pod. As I was cleaning that I decided to pin the clutch anyway as a preventative measure.


Tested again and it looks great so far! I will let him run a while …

Still boot-up problems with different software, mostly on Life1 😦

OH my gosh, this was crazy! After weeks of diagnostics and testing … I found it!
I realized that sometimes the mouth motor not react properly. When testing the motor , I found out that the power consumption was too high. After replacing the mouth unit it did not get better. The broken mouth motor has damage the communication port on the headboard 😦 Now with the new headboard and new mouth motor everything is fine.


Kovu playing together with Ruby, Stinky and Baron 🙂

Tested Aibo on Aibo Life and DogsLife softwares.
Works Great and ready to go home.  2018-06-16

Skärmavbild 2018-08-14 kl. 21.57.57