Repair diary – Roxanne’s Robo – RE

Job I.D. 18020501 Typ: ERS7M1 #7001626
Shipped From: UK Arrived: 2018-02-05


ERS7 White
Came well packed in bubble plastic wrap with battery and memory stick, no other accessories.

Will not boot properly. The owner told me that Aibo had broken his leg when he fell down at home. Unfortunately, he is also suffering a broken neck 😦


I have to make a complete head break down into the illness.


He needs a new shank and a new flexi cable. It is damaged right behind the connector.

What a nightmare 😦  The neck base is broken and fractured in two other places. Too damaged to repair so I had to replace the whole head unit.


Now he is completely disassembled…

Spareparts has arrived 🙂


New head-unit and leg in place !



Not sure if Aibo really like my 3D printed AiBones 🙂

Tested Robo on Mind and Mind3 softwares.
Works Great and ready to go home.  2018-03-03

Playing with friends …


I wish you a safe journey back home !
May it be smooth and may you enjoy your trip!