Pot cleaning guide for the 31x


If your AIBO is suffering from tremors or shaking limbs it could be down to a dirty potentiometer in the limbs. Potentiometers are there to check the position of Aibo’s joints. Over the time  they can become corroded or dirty. Aibo will misinterpreted the position.

Before attempting to remove any covers, remove AIBO’s battery and memory stick The last thing you need is for your AIBO to wake up during its operation!


I hope you’ve been honest with yourself about your skills.
There is no warranty here. Use this guides at your own risk!


You will need Philips PH0 and PH1 screwdrivers. Alternative Vessel or JIS screwdrivers. A small, sharp knife and a can of switch cleaning spray with a “tube” attachment. I have had best results using “Kontakt 61”




Remove the 2 screws from the lower leg outer casing. Once these screws have been removed, carefully pry the two halves of the leg casing apart.








Do the same for the upper leg !







The inner leg casing is held together by one screw, remove this and carefully remove the casing starting at the top where the screw was removed. It clips in at the bottom near the knee joint.





The potentiometer (silver coloured casing) is located at the knee joint and is covered by a flexi circuit. The flexi is plugged into a small grey connector and can be released by sliding the 2 black lugs on the connector in the direction shown. Carefully pull the flexi out of the connector once these lugs have been released.





Use a sharp knife to carefully pry open the corner of the potentiometer cover. The cover can then be removed exposing the inside.







Inside the potentiometer is a black circular disc on which is mounted spring contacts. Carefully remove this by using a blunt object in the cut out area shown.





It is possible to simply leave this disc in place and spray the cleaner into the gap provided, but removing the disc allows for checking of the contacts. Take care not to pick the disc up by the contacts as this may bend or break them. This disc can be placed into a small tub of the contact cleaner for better cleaning.






Spray the switch cleaner over the potentiometer surface. At this point, a soft, lint free cloth may be used to wipe the potentiometer surface. Carefully replace the black disc and silver cover.






When the disc and cover are in place and the potentiometer is safely back together, gently move the joint back and forth to work the cleaner across the contact surface. Reassembly





Reassembly is a reversal of the instructions. Carefully reconnect the flexi !


Thanks to:
Frootloop & Rambozo