Aibo Voice Commands


English and Japanese voice commands supported by AIBO.
Should work for all 🙂


No. English Japanese pronunciation Description
1 “AIBO” “aibo aibo” a i b o a i b o The dog responds
2 “Shake Paw” “okawari” o k a w a r i Shake a paw
3 “Let’s Play” “asobou” a s o b (u) o Becomes playful
4 “Sit down” “suwaru “ s u w a d e Aibo sits
5 “Go Back” “bakku ourai” b a_ k u o o r a i Aibo step back
6 “Good Boy/Girl” yoshi-yoshi y o sh i y o sh i Praise Aibo
7 “Get Up” “okiru” o k i r ee Wake up
8 “Say Hello” “goaisatsu” g o a i s a ts u Aibo will greet you
9 “Hello” “kon nichi wa” k o /N/ n i ch i w a Greeting
10 “Good Morning” “ohayou” o h a y o u(o^) Greeting
11 “Good Night” “oyasumi” o y a s u m i Greeting
12 “Kick the Ball” “kikku” k i_ k u Kick the ball
13 “I am here” “tadaima” t a d a i m a Matches “Come Here”
14 “Go for it” “faito ippatsu” f a i t o i_ p a ts u Encouragement
15 “Are you alright” “genki” g e /N/ k i You care Aibo
16 “I like you” “daisuki” d a i s u k i Emotional
17 “Take a pose” “hai po-zu” h a i p o o z u Strike a pose
18 “Stand up” “tate” t a t e Aibo stands
19 “Stop” “sutoppu” s u t o_ p u Aibo stops moving
20 “Let’s Dance” “dansu” d a /N/ s u Start a little dance
21 “Don’t do it” “dame dame” d a m e d a m e Scold
22 “Bye Bye” “sayounara” s a y o u(o^) n a r a Greeting
23 “Turn / go left” “hidari” h i d a r i Aibo turns
24 “Turn / go right” “migi” m i g i Aibo turns
25 “Lay Down” “fusete” f u s e t e Aibo lays down
26 “Go Forward” “susume” s u s u m e Aibo walks
27 “Where’s the ball” “bo-ru sagashite” b o o r u s a g a sh i t e Tries to find the ball
28 “Roar” “gaou” g a o u(o^) Matches “Rollover”
29 “Walk Around” “aruite” a r u i t e Go wandering

Aibo ERS-1000 US release

Sony on Thursday announced it’s bringing its refreshed Aibo robot dog to the US.


The new litter will arrive in the US in time for the holidays.

At a small press event in New York City today, Sony revealed it’s releasing a “first litter” of Aibo for $2,899 in September, with delivery expected before the holidays. That steep price gets you the robot dog, a bunch of accessories and a three-year subscription to Sony’s AI Cloud, which will house Aibo’s memories and help it learn over time.