ERS7 Replace the microphones

One or two microphones has shorted and Aibo become deaf.  This is fairly common in the last years …

If only one is shorted, you could do a temporary repair by disconnecting the bad mic. Removing the mic and finding a replacement is not easy. ( But you can ask me 🙂

I hope you’ve been honest with yourself about your skills.
There is no warranty here. Use this guides at your own risk!

Remove and safely store your AIBO’s battery and memory stick before attempting to remove any covers. The last thing you need is for your AIBO to wake up during its operation!

Remove the rubber ear and remove the visor. Here is how to do ! 

Gently raise the Lume and locate the two microphone connectors.
disconnect one and test. Test again and put it all back together.
Be very careful hooking the lower head plastic in the rear to full close the gap.

If you want to change the microphones, go ahed.


At the back of the silver piece pry off gently the silver piece away from the ear mount at the same time pry off the ear mount away from the head. There is a small plastic (delicate) post in the ear mount that fits into the silver piece and it will break off easily so pry off gently the silver piece away from the mount. Stop once the post is out of the silver piece.


On the top front of the silver piece locate the metal piece with the pin into the ear mount.
Carefully pop the pin out of the ear mount without bending the metal piece. Remove the ear mount. The silver piece will come off very easy.


Remove the screw.


Pry off gently the silver piece away from microphone.


Here we have the microphone 🙂