ERS7 Remove the Lume / Visor

I hope you’ve been honest with yourself about your skills.
There is no warranty here. Use this guides at your own risk!

Remove and safely store your AIBO’s battery and memory stick before attempting to remove any covers. The last thing you need is for your AIBO to wake up during its operation!

Open Aibo’s mouth and remove the two screws.


Grasp the white headplastics to the left of the camera and pull it out gently and slide it down onto the open mouth.


When the front is lowered, pull the white plastic carefully strait back of the two clips on the backside of the head.


Remove the two outer screws holding the visor (top of the head) located in the front row of four screws. Locate and remove the two screws back in the mouth holding the visor in the rear.


Gently raise the visor and locate the flexis.


There are three to remove !


Thanks to:
Csaba and Wolfbob