ERS111 Replacing an ear

A quick guide to replacing a ERS111 ear

Here’s a photo diary of the operation…


The ear centre (ringed in red) needs to be removed. It pulls out, but needs a little gentle persuasion.


Use a small screwdriver, or toothpick or similar. The ear centre is surrounded by a rubber perimeter which will obligingly move out of the way when you insert the screwdriver/toothpick/whatever. Tease the ear centre out, taking care not to mark any part. It should come out pretty easily.


Now you should see a thick walled C shaped cylinder, with a small thin walled cylinder inside it. The small cylinder needs to be removed, as it prevents a clip from being depressed. It comes out very easily, no force is needed. Just use some tweezers to grab hold of the small cylinder using the gap in the large cylinder.


Here is the small cylinder, removed. The end facing the outside of the ear is flat, and the end facing the inside of the ear has small crenelations. Remember that for later.


The clip moulded in to the thick walled cylinder retains the ear.


Use the small screwdriver/toothpick/whatever between the rubber perimeter (that goes around the ear centre) and the thick walled cylinder, and raise the clip so that the ear can be removed by pulling it off of the thick walled cylinder. The picture shows the clip being raised using a small screwdriver.


Here you can see that the ear has been removed, it just pulls off of the stump moulded to the side of the head. You can take a good look at the clip now, it should be fairly obvious just what you’ve done so far and how it all goes back together.


Here the new ear has been placed over the stump, but not yet pressed all the way home. The edge of the clip is quite obvious in this photo.


Here the new ear has been placed fully on the stump, it fits with a click as the clip moves back to position so that the ear is retained.


The small cylinder is replaced, with the crenelated face inserted first.


Here the ear centre is replaced. It has a lug that engages with the hole in the thick walled cylinder, so should only fit in one position.

Thanks to San and his owner