ERS-1000 Wifi Setup

Wifi setup

Connect Aibo to Wifi without My Aibo app.

Say : QRコードを読む  Phonetic : QR kōdo o yomu

If you pronounce right, Aibo goes into the QR code reading position.

If the network switch ( under the lid on the torso) is changed to “OFF” position, you can not connect to the network. Be sure to set the network switch to position “1” or “2”.

2: Enables both of the Wi-Fi and mobile network connectivity.

1: Enables only the Wi-Fi network connectivity and disable the mobile network feature.

OFF: Disable Wi-Fi and mobile network connectivity .

If your Wi-Fi router / access point is set to hidden or the security setting is WEP, change the settings ( hidden access point and WEP is not supported). If your input text contains any characters that are incompatible with Shift JIS, then it will use UTF-8 encoding instead. However, the resulting code might be unreadable on Japanese Aibo’s.

Here is a WiFi QR Code Generator