Customising the boot sound

There is no warranty here. Use this guides at your own risk and make a backup from you Memory-stick before editing !

You can easily change the boot sound of your Aibo. You need a Memory-stick reader and a Sound editor.

I’m using audacity for Mac ( works on Windows and Linux too ) export as 16bit PCM mono (16kHz) and name it to “BOOT16.WAV”. The file size should be a little over 1MB.
Open you stick folder and copy to \OPEN-R\MW\DATA\P\BOOT16.WAV
Rename the original one to “BOOT16.OLD”.

The sound format for the ERS-111 is different, the original boot file is a 512 kbps wave file.

The AIBO Sound Customizer is a simple utility that allows you to customize some of the common sounds.