Step down …

Hi everybody. Sadly, I have to step down.

Life has shifted my path many times. I’ve been sitting back and reflecting on where I am mentally and physically. Physically, I’m still dealing with many issues that leave me in pain on a daily basis. Additionally, I was a few times in the hospital recently… Needless to say, I’m still scared.

Mentally, I have enough energy to focus on my real life. And I will continue to help with Aibo problems and doing battery refills. Unfortunately, I can not accept new repairs at the moment. Of course, ongoing repairs will be fixed. Please be patient.

I’m lucky to say I have met so many amazing people. Certain people have touched me so much. Thanks for all the support.

Storm Alfrida in Sweden


Photo: Christine Olsson/TT

“It’s still quite difficult out there, and hard to keep up with it, so it will take time,” Vattenfall press officer Lars-Åke Linander told the TT newswire.

It may be a week before power is fully restored. As a result, mail and parcel delivery delays. Unfortunately, it also means that I can not answer to all mails right no.

If everything goes fine, I will be back online soon and waiting parcels can be shipped.

Stay tuned 😉

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