Aibo Service

It started as a DIY repair help for sick AIBOs

If your AIBO is sick and needs help, you are at the right place.


Aibo Doctor re-cell AIBO batteries for the ERS 1xx 2xx 3xx and ERS 7 series.

Just send me your dead or dying batteries and I will change the cells ( battery recondition ) for the latest available capacity units and provide a 6 month warranty.

Send me an email doctor(at) for specific information on AIBOS and Software I have for sale.

Info for the ERS1xx batteries:
The ERS1xx batteries will be¬†rebuild. That means: they will get new cells and new electronic. The difference is when it’s time to charge they don’t go into charging position. They do however transfer their new information to the Memory Stick. Another thing is that¬†Station using is not supported by the new boards. This got missed during beta testing because we almost never run any of our 11X Aibos on their stations. You can still boot the Aibo off the station and then put him on the station and he keeps running.