Aibo Clutch


A clutch is a mechanical device which engages and disengages power transmission.

The purpose of these clutches is to protect the motors, gears, axles and Aibo from damage that may be caused if Aibo should encounter something that would prevent it from moving while the motors are still running.

The ERS210 models suffered from a clutch failure in the head mechanisms requiring repair or replacement of the affected part. It is usually caused by a “slip clutch” in the neck servo slipping. The clear signs of a clutch failure are that AIBO’s head will not lift up his head and a whirring sound is heard. Have a look: DHS – what is it?

Aibo has four gearboxes with these clutches in the head unit. Pan, tilt, roll and one is to open and close the mouth. Normally there is no need to do something with the mouth unit. Here you can see the complete gearboxes.


Gears and clutch disassembled


And here is what I can do for your Aibo. I lock the clutch and Aibo can lift up his head again. But you should know the normal function of the clutch, to protect the motors, gears, axles and attachments is no longer given. I repaired a lot of Aibo’s that way and 99% are still working properly.


You will get lifetime guarantee on the locked clutch ! 😉