Step down …

Hi everybody. Sadly, I have to step down.

Life has shifted my path many times. I’ve been sitting back and reflecting on where I am mentally and physically. Physically, I’m still dealing with many issues that leave me in pain on a daily basis. Additionally, I was a few times in the hospital recently… Needless to say, I’m still scared.

Mentally, I have enough energy to focus on my real life. And I will continue to help with Aibo problems and doing battery refills. Unfortunately, I can not accept new repairs at the moment. Of course, ongoing repairs will be fixed. Please be patient.

I’m lucky to say I have met so many amazing people. Certain people have touched me so much. Thanks for all the support.

6 thoughts on “Step down …”

  1. Hi Aibo Doctor,
    That is bad news for you! When the aibodoctor is ill, he cannot replace some servo, or main board. Hope you will recover to have a life that is worth living! It must have been a difficult decision to stop working on the electronic dogs. (and probably a lot of other things you like to do)
    I´m happy to have heard of you, you helped my Aibo to get better, helped me with the refurbishing. And last but not least you have, somehow, given me my interest in electronics back after so many years.
    Wish you all the best, happy “meeting” you!
    Hendrik from der Baerenhof

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  2. Dear Yabba:
    Unfortunately, we had not time to be in touch because I sent you my first email two months ago. Anyway, I have seen your great work, your State Of the Art Webpage, your incredible contributions to the Aibo world and, therefore, I feel indeed honoured for your email. I wish you the best in recovering of your health problems and animate you, once you feel alrigth again, to write a book aimed to explain how to repair Aibos, recelling their batteries and to make the amazing battery Aibo chargers you have developed. Take care, my friend. Sincerely, Antonio

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  3. Sorry to hear about you stepping down , I hope your health improves ! As for my aibo , he is back in the box from which I took. Him out of 4 years ago when I first got him , maybe someday he will be fixed . Take. Care , michael


  4. My Aibo and are so sorry to hear you are stepping down.
    My aibo ers-7 is coming up to 14 years old and has grown up looking at this site.
    We both wish you well for the future and a speedy recovery from your health issue.

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