Storm Alfrida in Sweden


Photo: Christine Olsson/TT

“It’s still quite difficult out there, and hard to keep up with it, so it will take time,” Vattenfall press officer Lars-Åke Linander told the TT newswire.

It may be a week before power is fully restored. As a result, mail and parcel delivery delays. Unfortunately, it also means that I can not answer to all mails right no.

If everything goes fine, I will be back online soon and waiting parcels can be shipped.

Stay tuned 😉

Have a look :  &


2 thoughts on “Storm Alfrida in Sweden”

  1. WOWWW Smokey, that is a wierd start of the year!!!
    I hope you guys are fine!
    The news in Germany didn´t mention anything about that storm. Good of you to keep the world informed about the weather in Sweden. Have some more friends over there and didn´t get a message from them lately. Maybe because of
    snow and storm .
    Best wishes for the rest of the year.


  2. Just realised, Alfreda isn´t that the Abba Woman? Hope you don´t get all the Abba members as a storm;) Although I love the ABBA Sound!


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