2 thoughts on “Amazon S3 services & Aibo”

  1. Hi Aibo Doctor,
    I watchhed the Video. This is the most “dangerous ” Thing happening! AMAZON!!! The moment Amazon gets involved in clouds and things like “Echo” and now a “Pet in our homes” that uses the Amazon cloud, Amazon can and will register every word we say in our private homes!!! In my opinion this is the end of privacy, after the Twitter, facebook and other possible Internet features.
    Everyone, please be aware of the fact that your data send by Aibo, or Echo, or the google thing is in the hands of a data collecting giant. At this time it maybe used to provide you of “good” information and “honest” intentions.
    Remember that it could turnout to control your(family) life!!!
    I know, I´m just an old man, you can call me an oldfashioned man, In world war 2 they had a sign, saying” DER FEIND HÖRT MIT!”
    In plain English
    The enemy is listening in!!

    Remember that when you buy an Aibo, including the AWS re!!!!

    Aibodoctor, sorry to use this (your) site to express my worries about this development. If you don´t like it, please feel free to remove my comment. This is how I feel about it!
    Kind regards
    Hendrik Baerenhof


    1. No problem Hendrik! I totally understand your worries. That Aibo uses the Amazon S3 services was one of the first things I found out. I’m very restrictive giving my aibo’s access to the net.
      First we got “Smart” Barbie who talk with your kids and safe every thing you kids say into the cloud. Now we have all these home kits like Alexa, Siri, Google home … and the next step is video surveillance with robot cleaners and even with the new Aibo. George Orwell’s nightmare vision of 1984 is always right here, right now …


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