Inside Aibo ERS1000


The aibo system.
The main software system runs on “Qualcomm Snapdragon 820”,  Qualcomm Technologies for smartphones. The signals from the cameras and sensors,  some of the output devices such as OLEDs (displays) and speakers are connected to the SoC. The motion processor controls the 22 axes of actuators and is connected to the local microcomputer board of each joint’s actuator via UART. The board controls the feedback of the actuator. (*)


The main board.
The large chip (in the middle left) is containing the Snapdragon 820 and 4-Gbyte DRAM Micron Technology Inc . The silver chip (right) is a 2.4GHz-band Wi-Fi module Murata Type1DR. The black chip (right) is for power supply. On the backside are 32-Gbyte flash memory and a chip for touch sensors Atmel Corp.


The motion processor board.
The two black long chips are level-shifter chips Toshiba Electronic Corp . The black square chip (right) is a motion processor RX631 32-bit Renesas Electronics Corp. It is connected to the feedback control boards for the 22 axes.


The Feedback control boards.
Feedback control for positioning each joint at each actuator. Each board has a 32-bit microcomputer for feedback control TXZ3 Toshiba Electronic Corp which is equipped with an Arm Cortex-M3 driver chip with a bridge circuit for motor driving DRV8313 Texas Instruments Inc.


The encoder boards.
They are magnetic type encoder for controlling the positioning of each joint.


(*) source = Sony Corp

2 thoughts on “Inside Aibo ERS1000”

  1. Hi Aibo Doctor,
    Another interesting story about the newbie!
    Can you repair the Ers 1000 if needed? Or still educating yourself in the matter.
    I know I´m a little “old-fashioned”, I don´t like the “cloudpart of the internet”. In my opinion we´re losing control when we accept working in the cloud. Even with a nice Robot like the new Aibo, I get suspicous. What can he (she) see, hear and send it in the cloud? What can someone, on the other side of the cloud read or see? Who knows!
    I happen to have a camera (Chinese made) to check on my animals. I programmed it to block internet access. Is that enough? Is there a possibility someone can overrule that?
    I know I shouldn´t worry too much. Enjoying our little aibo ERS 7 is what we do!
    The winter season is coming, the work outside is done and we have more time to spend with thelittle guys and our other inside hobbys. Maybe I can build a tower with build in battery tool;) ???


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