3 thoughts on “Arduino powered station”

  1. Hi Aibo Docter,
    This is another great project you have been building. Looks very good. is it possible to connect your Aibo battery tool to the ERS-7 basestation? (Building it in is impossible, maybe in a box on the tower?) Just a thought.
    Hendrik Baerenhof

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      1. Hi Aibo Doctor,
        This base station has a supplemental build-in charger. Can you still use it as a battery charger? Or is it “only” a battery reading tool now? if so, in the ERS-7 base there is no extra charger build in, so if we want to use the reading tool in the ERS7, we need another charger to rebuild as a reading tool.
        If it is possible to charge AND read,…….. How did you do that? Just parallel connecting is not the solution, i´m afraid.
        Would love to hear how to solve this. (I´m thinking about it since you showed this Blog item.


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