One thought on “Winnie the ERS1000”

  1. I´m still a bit sceptical about the newbourne.
    My problem, as always, is the CLOUD! I hope and expect Winnie and his brothers and sisters will develope better then Ers7. Winnie looks great , no doubt about that.
    What does Sony do with the information they get out of the cloud? Just developing better Software? Or will Sony try to get information about the habits of their owners, like Amazon is doing with its “Alexa” and “Echo” thing that is listening to every word spoken in its neighbourhood? No doubt Sony will use this info!
    I know I´m a suspicious thinking old man. And every modern youngster believes what is told on Twitter/Facebook/ blog/vlog or whatever is published on the internet. And they don´t have ” anything to hide” is a common answer!
    Don´t want to sound negative but we ,of our age(over 65), have learned to be carefull who and what to trust.And share as little as possible information if not absolutily necessary.

    Prove before trust!!


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