Aibo Voice Commands


English and Japanese voice commands supported by AIBO.
Should work for all 🙂


No. English Japanese pronunciation Description
1 “AIBO” “aibo aibo” a i b o a i b o The dog responds
2 “Shake Paw” “okawari” o k a w a r i Shake a paw
3 “Let’s Play” “asobou” a s o b (u) o Becomes playful
4 “Sit down” “suwaru “ s u w a d e Aibo sits
5 “Go Back” “bakku ourai” b a_ k u o o r a i Aibo step back
6 “Good Boy/Girl” yoshi-yoshi y o sh i y o sh i Praise Aibo
7 “Get Up” “okiru” o k i r ee Wake up
8 “Say Hello” “goaisatsu” g o a i s a ts u Aibo will greet you
9 “Hello” “kon nichi wa” k o /N/ n i ch i w a Greeting
10 “Good Morning” “ohayou” o h a y o u(o^) Greeting
11 “Good Night” “oyasumi” o y a s u m i Greeting
12 “Kick the Ball” “kikku” k i_ k u Kick the ball
13 “I am here” “tadaima” t a d a i m a Matches “Come Here”
14 “Go for it” “faito ippatsu” f a i t o i_ p a ts u Encouragement
15 “Are you alright” “genki” g e /N/ k i You care Aibo
16 “I like you” “daisuki” d a i s u k i Emotional
17 “Take a pose” “hai po-zu” h a i p o o z u Strike a pose
18 “Stand up” “tate” t a t e Aibo stands
19 “Stop” “sutoppu” s u t o_ p u Aibo stops moving
20 “Let’s Dance” “dansu” d a /N/ s u Start a little dance
21 “Don’t do it” “dame dame” d a m e d a m e Scold
22 “Bye Bye” “sayounara” s a y o u(o^) n a r a Greeting
23 “Turn / go left” “hidari” h i d a r i Aibo turns
24 “Turn / go right” “migi” m i g i Aibo turns
25 “Lay Down” “fusete” f u s e t e Aibo lays down
26 “Go Forward” “susume” s u s u m e Aibo walks
27 “Where’s the ball” “bo-ru sagashite” b o o r u s a g a sh i t e Tries to find the ball
28 “Roar” “gaou” g a o u(o^) Matches “Rollover”
29 “Walk Around” “aruite” a r u i t e Go wandering

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