Performer Kit ERF-510/511

The AIBO Performer Kit ERF-510/511 allows the editing and creation of motions for the AIBO using a PC.  Sound files can be attached to the motions, and the new function can be copied to a Memory Stick for use with Aibo.


There are five options to choose:

Diagnostics: to check for proper setup of the software and the Memory Stick.
Help (?): Windows help box.
Tutorial: Guide to using the features of the software.
Website: Takes you to the official Sony AIBO site
Training: Here is the software.


The Training feature of the software has three different displays which are used in conjunction with each other.  The Swap Behaviors display allows you to select any existing motion and copy it over any other motion.


Here you create or modify a keyframe of a behavior.  The window on the right shows the position of all the joints of the dog in the selected keyframe.


There are ten allowed points which can be designated as ground contact points for the dog.  Each keyframe contains three pre-specified ground contact points selected from these ten. After the motion is completed, a sound file can be attached. 86 sound files available on the Performer Kit.  Also a new sound files can be added to the list. The supported audio formats are MIDI and WAVE.


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