Same same but different :-)

Aibo’s tactile back sensor is an ideal solution when
the contact pressure needs to be measured.


Tactile back sensor from the ERS1000


Tactile back sensor from the ERS7


2 thoughts on “Same same but different :-)”

  1. A couple of questions.
    How is the pressure measured? what kind of sensor is this? Is it electrostatic measurement?
    Have you tested the functions of the ERS 1000 working in the cloud?
    Does he respond as fast as in the advertising videos, running to his “master”? In my opinion it is still a pitty Sony uses a cloud to keep the aibo learning new things. Although I believe Sony will be using the data from the cloud to improve their AI development. Which I think is totally legal. Keep on the good work Aibo Doctor, Already curious about the next step in exploring aibo ERS 1000


    1. Thanks for your comment.
      In general, tactile sensors are used to sense the contact of fingertips of a robot with an object. It has two layers separated by a soft film which transmits vibrations. An alternating current is applied to a lower layer which generates vibrations due to reverse piezoelectric effect. These vibrations are transmitted to the upper
      layer via soft film. These vibrations cause alternating voltage across the upper layer. When some pressure is applied on the upper layer the vibrations gets affected and the output voltage changes. This triggers a an action in the robot. More infos soon, I have to play with him a little bit more …


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