Back to Year 2K

Robot Soccer World Cup IV

Sony provided us their four-legged robots (ERS1100), which are marketed by Sony in a similar conguration, known as AIBO (ERS-110 and ERS-111). With this platform there come some restrictions which are very close to the properties of biological systems.


ERS-111 (right)   ERS-1100 (middle)   ERS-110 (left)

ERS1100 that is the unique hardware in Sony Legged Robot League. Following characteristics of ERS1100 make the task difficult. – Restricted sensor ability: Insufficient information due to the narrow field of view.


Programmer for the ERS-11x unit


RoboCup is a research-oriented initiative that pioneered the field of multirobot research since 1996. Currently, RoboCup opened a new horizon for multirobot research by focusing on teams of robots facing other teams of robots to accomplish specific goals. This challenging objective offers a broad and rich set of research and development questions; to wit, the construction of mechanically sound and robust robots, real-time effective perception algorithms, and dynamic behavior-based approaches to support teamwork.  RoboCup 2001 (PDF Download Available from: )

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