AIBO Battery Refill Tool

Prototype I2C interface to Aibo Battery

Read Battery Data from Aibo ERS2xx, ERS3xx and ERS7 series.

Sony stopped selling the batteries for their Aibo dogs. Sad to hear that this state of the art Aibo dog will be completely gone in the near future. The idea is refilling the old Aibo batteries. Here is one step to to keep Aibo alive. This tool will help to read the battery information.

I hope you’ve been honest with yourself about your electronic skills. There is no warranty here. Use this tool at your own risk.

>>   AIBO Battery SMBus Reader   <<




7 thoughts on “AIBO Battery Refill Tool”

  1. Thanks to Chris and you Aibodoctor, my aibo can walk again. And I refurbished my first battery. After 25 years I started again working with electronics, had to practice a little, now I can do all kinds of projects with Arduino .
    To all that want to build the Refurbishing tools, read the manuals Aibodoctor is writing very carefully. As Aibodoctor says, be sure you have enough skills to do these things. If you have any doubt….. send your battery and your sick aibo to aibodoctor. Fast and very good repair!


  2. Does the re-celled battery need to be reset using this kit? Does batteries for ERS-11x have any sort of software protection, or they can be re-celled without any mods?


      1. Thanks! Do you know how to reprogram the battery circutry? I read somewhere that ERS-11x need new custom circuitry, is that true?


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